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Gary Allen Mobile DJ for Georgia

Do I Have Your Date Open?

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Each Birthday Party is CUSTOMIZED
  I take the time to find out what you would
like to have done. Then I work with lighting and
sound to bring the FUN!
  Your choices for birthday party music are limited only by your imagination. The only guideline you should be aware of is that you want to entertain your guests, not drive them away. It's an added bonus if the music compliments the theme and style of the day.

  Whatever type or types of music you decide on, remember that this form of entertainment is a gift to your guests, to add to their enjoyment of your event.


Balloon Stomp
This is a very high energy game. Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string that is tied to their ankle. The object is to pop other peoples balloon's while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged areas. You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must stop.
Suggested Music: Get Ready For This, or any Hi NRG Song!

Balloon Pass #1
Teams are made, two lines facing each other for each team. 1st two people put balloons between them where ever the DJ calls, i.e.: hips, shoulders, stomach and they hold the balloon at between that point on their bodies and go to the end of the line where the balloon is passed back to the head of the line and the next couple go.

Unwrap the Gift
A gift is wrapped over and over and over with paper and tape and more tape. Players roll fuzzy dice until they get doubles, when they do they go in the middle and put on big gloves, hat, shirt or whatever and try to unwrap the gift. While this is happening, other players are still rolling the dice so when the next person gets doubles, they go to the middle and have to put on all the stuff and try to open the gift. The person who gets the gift, wins!

Tammy Rabon Birthday Party
     I wanted To Call You and Let You Know That My Guest Have Been Calling All Morning Telling Me "What a Great Time They Had".

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I offer state of the art concert QUALITY sound and LIGHTING with each event at no extra charge! No setup or breakdown fees.

You will receive a CONTRACT for my service so that everything is planned out to make sure that what you want for your party is supplied!