Gary Allen’s Mobile DJ Games
Check Your Date!
The New Newly Wed Game
   The bride and groom give their answers by holding up a shoe to answer the questions.    We have found this is a good ice breaker as we change from the traditional part of the wedding to the fun part.    This game let’s your guest know that the fun is getting ready to start and this also keeps the Bride and Groom as the center of attention on their big day.
Fun Game for All. The Limbo
  The bride and groom along with all the guest will have fun seeing who can go down low!   This game gets all the guest into the fun. We supply the music and the limbo stick and all you do is supply the guest for an evening of fun.  
Musical Chairs
For a small or large crowd, many of your guest will have fun playing this game that gets everyone into the Celebration! Once again we want everyone to have a good time at your event.....
"Anniversary/Marriage Countdown Dance"
  All married couples and newlyweds are invited onto the dance floor.   The newlyweds are requested to remain on the dance floor throughout the entire dance.   Every thirty seconds or so, the D.J. will ask everyone that has been married a year or less to leave the dance floor. Then 5 years, 10 years, etc. This continues to 40 years.   Then the D.J. will count ?41, 42, 43...? until only the longest-married couple and the newlyweds remain. The D.J. will prompt the crowd to applaud them and ask the older couple to share their secret for a successful marriage over the microphone.
Conga Line Dance That Gets Everyone Involved
   Keeping the Bride & Groom once again as the center of attention   This dance gets the guest lined up with the bride and groom and makes for a very good family time together.
Wedding Reception       
Wedding Music       
  We want you and your guest to have a great time. By using these simple but effective games, this helps create a fun time for all.   These game work with small crowds as well as large ones.   So when you book with us you get more then just a dj, you get a fun time for you and your guest.