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Plan Your Pool Party!

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Swimming pool activities can be fun and offer great exercise to all those involved. The wonderful thing about being in the water is there is no age restriction. Both adults and children love to take advantage of the powers of fun and the opportunities that the water can offer them. pool_3 (270K)

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There are numerous very popular time honored games that have been played in the water. Marco Polo is one of those favorites. The game consists of having a group of people choose a person who would make their way around the group in an attempt to catch each of them. Similar to that of the game tag you must prevent that person from touching you. The next person who is touch will then be the person you must flee from.

Inflatable balls are often a great choice for groups both big and small. Pretty much any game you can play on land you can play while using an inflatable ball. Create teams and play things such as basketball or soccer.

For the much younger participants in your group consider races with toys such as rubber ducky's. Give each child one of their own and have them race against each other to see who's duck can get to the finish line first.