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Stress Free, Romantic and a Memorable Occasion
  One of the "most" important events in your life should not be taken lightly.   I stress quality, perfection and most of all FUN! The wedding couple are the center of attention.  Each wedding reception is CUSTOMIZED to your music & dj entertainment preferences as outlined in advance of your reception.    I Take great pride with lights, music and games to make it successful and a memorable occasion.  I will use my disc jockey experience to guide you to make your reception a success with non-stop MUSIC VARIETY and Dj entertainment that is appropriate for all.
Wedding Reception       
Wedding Music       
 Whether your favorite songs are Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Hip-Hop or a combination of many genres, we can mix the right tunes from each style to create wedding music that turns passive listeners into active party participants.
 I truly understand the "Art Of The Party" and know that the flow and when you play a certain song is as important as what song is chosen to create the moment. From dipping on the dance floor and dancing in the aisles to romantic interludes, your guests will connect with songs you've planned and tunes we instinctively chooses.
I Will Be The One DJing Your Wedding
  From the moment you contact us and decide to hire us, to the emails, phone calls, and shared details of your wedding, the service you receive from us will be unmatched by any. We Don’t Sub- contract our service to another DJ, we do it all!
MC, What's the big deal?
  The idea is the wedding mc is to make the reception flow, because the mc has figured out in advance how this particular reception works.    The groom, and particularly, the bride, should never even know that the wrong course was about to be served. Got it?
Lighting Effects
You Choose The Music You Want
Using lighting effects brings an extra warm feel to your wedding reception.
David and Katie’s Wedding
Justin and Marissa Rollins
Tyler and Lauren Harrelson
Michael and Erin Cartrett Wedding
Aaron and Brandy's Reception
Client Testimonials
Melissa M (Bride)     Gary was very helpful, especially in the planning process! He was great about answering my questions and was very accessible.     I was very happy with his service both before our wedding and during. I would use him again and recommend him to others, too!    Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding a joyous and memorable experience! Our guests had a great time and so    did we. We appreciate everything you did! Apperance
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